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Please complete all applicable areas in detail for the vehicle you wish to SELL or LOCATE.

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Excellent – Your car is restored to maximum professional standards of high quality in every area. This is a 95-plus point show car that is not driven. Your car wins top honors in its class at most car shows. It’s transported in an enclosed trailer and when not being shown is stored in a climate controlled facility. There are few number one vehicles.

Fine - Your car is well-restored and extremely well maintained. It can be a combination of a superior restoration or an excellent original showing minimal wear. Your number 2 vehicle will take the top award in many judged shows. It may be driven but not often, typically under 2,000 miles a year.

Very Good – Your car is completely operable and original, or older restoration showing some wear. This car is commonly referred to as "20 footer". From 20 feet away it may look perfect, but at closer inspection you find some paint and chrome issues, interior wear, etc. All systems and equipment are in good working order. In general, most cars you see at a car show are in number 3 condition.

Good - Your car is drivable and needs no or only minor work to be fully functional. Also a deteriorated restoration or poor amateur restoration. All components may need restoration to be excellent, but the car is mostly usable as is. This can be a daily driver. Even at 20 feet away there is little doubt it needs a lot of help.

Restorable - Your car needs complete restoration of body, chassis, and interior. It may or may not be running. This car needs everything, but is essentially all there and has only minor surface rust if any rust at all. This is a project car.

Parts Car - Your car has value only as a parts donor. We don’t deal with number 6 cars, so if yours falls into this category we suggest trying to sell it in another way.

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After submitting your information we will review and give you our opinion of your car’s value. We don’t accept all cars. If we feel you want more for your car then the current market supports, we will look to negotiate your desired net or turn down the business. Unlike most other brokers we won’t take your money unless we feel we can get you what you want. We feel that’s how business should be done, and it’s our goal to sell your car, not just take your money.

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