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When you place your trust in us to auction off your classic car we’ll advertise your vehicle on our website as well as other automotive related websites to help promote the sell.   We utilize multiple social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and Pinterest to get even more eyes on your classic.  Our goal is to give your car the visibility it needs to sell at your desired price and keep you the owner from having to experience the headaches and expense that can come with selling it yourself.  We offer competitive rates and a simple process.  The first step is clicking the following link to fill out and submit our Vehicle Description Form.  You may also call our office at 844-338-2456 with any questions you may have about our service.  We now offer full detail services for your classic through our subsidiary UltraShine Mobile Detail.  Get 20% off our normal detailing fee if listing your classic with us.

When enlisting CABS to sell your vehicle we require:

  • At least 12 current photos.  A recent video of the car starting up is a big plus
  • A completed vehicle description form (fill it out online via the link above)
  • A simple signed contract stating what you wish to net from the sale of your vehicle
  • That’s it?  Yep, that’s it!  Keep your car in your garage till it sells, not in a showroom

You have several options available when listing your classic with us.  Our fees range from as little as $39 up to $149.  Our listing fees are some of the lowest in the industry because we don’t make money until we sell your classic.  We’ll broker your vehicle for up to 60 days from the date of the contract signing or until mutually withdrawn by both parties.  Most of the time we sell your classic long before that time is up.  Our commission is earned by pricing your classic at a reasonable amount over your desired net and made only if we sell your vehicle!  If your car doesn’t sell during the initial contract period we’ll keep it advertised on our website until we sell it or until you ask for us to take the listing down.  

Your options:

1. Auction style – We start the bidding low to get more early interest in your vehicle.  We set a reserve price over the desired net you list on the contract to cover our commission.  Your vehicle will not sell unless the reserve price is met.  Our price is less than you would pay eBay if you sold your car yourself.   (You would pay eBay listing fees plus a $125 successful auction fee if the car sold.  They now charge $40 just to put a reserve on a car)   Price $149

2. Fixed price – We set a “Buy it Now” price over your desired net to cover our commission and also include a “Make an Offer” option.  Bidders may click buy it now and buy your car or they can click make an offer and submit an offer.  We will contact you to discuss any reasonable offers.  Price $109  (CABS recommended option)

3.  Auction style with no reserve – We start the bidding at a mutually agreed upon price typically around 50-60% of your desired net and the highest bidder wins your car.  If no bids are received your car doesn’t sell.  If we can’t agree on a starting bid for your vehicle we will revert to option one or two above.  This option has the most risk but the lowest cost.  We’ve never had a car not sell when the client chose this method.  Sometimes bidding can get higher than what you wanted for your car! Bidders love no reserve auctions.   Price $89

4.  Website only – We will advertise your classic here on our website, complete with pictures and vehicle information.  We will occasionally rotate your car into our “featured” car section and promote it via social media.  We list it until it sells or you ask us to remove the listing.  Just like in an auction our commission isn’t earned unless we sell your classic car. This isn’t the way however to list your car if you want maximum exposure and a quick sale.  Price $39  (Free with any of the above listings)

Listing fees

We also offer consignment services to the two Mecum auctions each year in Kansas City, as well as other local auctions.  Please contact us for more details about our live auction services.