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1963 Chevrolet Impala SS 409

15. June, 2013

This car has had several owners in it’s 50 year history. (Current owner is at least owner four and has owned car for two years)   He was told it was an original 409 car from the factory and when the engine blew the current 409 was dropped in. (Suffix # t0308qb indicating a motor built at the Tonowanda plant completed March 8, 1963.  409/425hp)  We don’t have the build sheet, it could be in the rear seat  springs or it may be gone.  I’m not sure how well the car has been searched for it.   Without it we don’t know for sure if this is a true W car from the factory.  Everything we do know seems to indicate it is.  It has the return fuel line and narrow fan shroud. There is no grill emblem or crossed flag emblem on the trunk lid.  (Correct for factory 409’s)  Some of you 409 experts may have other ways to check.  Based on what we know we believe the previous owner who stated that it is a true W car.

The 63 Impala requires a little bit of work to determine if the car is a true SS.  Unlike other years and models you can’t just simply look at the VIN number and tell.  The cowl tag is one way to tell and we’ve shown this Impala’s in the pictures below and helped decode it also.

  • 1B – Built second week of January, 1963
  • Style – 63-1847 (1963 V8 2 dr. hardtop)
  • Trim – 812 (Original color of interior is black.  Material type is vinyl.  Impala SS coupe) Seat type: Bucket
  • Paint – 948 (Original color of Palomar Maroon)
  • ACC – F-C-G  (F= tinted windows, C= padded dash, G = SS Console)

Based on the cowl tag research we’re confident this car is still it’s original color and is a true SS. Our research shows that the 812 trim code was only available on the 62 and 63 SS versions.  Beginning in 1964 the SS had it’s own designation in the VIN number so was easy to identify.

Some details that we know about this 63 Impala include:

  • A “real fine” 409 motor
  • Correct QB code L80
  • Four speed manual transmission w/ Hurst shifter
  • Engine turned dash and console
  • Aluminum dual four-barrel intake
  • Dual 4bbl Weber carbs
  • Stereo installed – Original AM radio in truck
  • Like new P215/75R14 tires
  • Coil front and rear leaf suspension
  • Open rear end
  • Great sounding dual exhaust

Link to all the pictures – Chevy Impala SS


More photos

VIN - 31847S176368VIN - 31847S176368VIN - 31847S176368VIN - 31847S176368VIN - 31847S176368VIN - 31847S176368


  • Mileage: 61944 miles
  • Year: 1963
  • Engine: 409
  • Fuel type: Gas
  • VIN - 31847S176368