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1953 Chevrolet C3100 Five Window Pickup

1. August, 2015

We’re proud to offer for your consideration the highly collectible 1953 Chevrolet C3100 five window pickup.

The Advanced Design series went on sale mid 1947. Chevrolet pickups were number one in sales during every year of the Advanced Design era. This was the truck to own then, and this is the truck collectors want now.

What we know about this 1953 Pickup –

The current owner has had this truck since around 2002, when her Dad who she had bought the truck for a few years before passed away. He had a lot of the restoration work during the time he had the truck like the truck bed and interior. The truck was also painted during that time. If you don’t like the tailgate do not fear.  This is just a cover and the original tailgate is under you.  You’ll be able to remove that cover.  Since the truck came to the current owner it’s mainly set in a covered metal building. Less than 5k miles have been put on the truck in the last 15 years. This truck has just been dusted off and had a few things done to it recently. Some key points:
New 6 volt battery
New plugs, points, coil, and condenser
New voltage regulator
Working wipers
Original owners manual is great condition
Original ID plate
All working gauges except gas gauge
It’s believed this is the original motor and was rebuilt by the owner who had the truck before the current owners Father. A true collector will appreciate the fact this truck is so original, even down to the 6 volt charging system. For not a lot of money you could convert this truck to 12 volt. The truck has some interesting modifications like the metal velour piece on the tailgate and sheet metal on the step boards where you would step to get into the truck. The truck looked solid underneath with no visible rust or any frame issues noted.

This truck isn’t perfect and is priced well under what a perfect one would cost you. It has a lot of potential and wouldn’t take much to get it to that point. The truck has set for many years so you’ll need to replace the tires before any long trips for safety reasons. Pictures below will show a crack in the passenger side window that cranks down and paint chips on the top of the tailgate. There’s also a picture of some body damage to the front passenger side quarter. The small dent looks like it would be easy to pop out, then after fixing some scratches in the paint it would look perfect. Interior looks amazing with the only issue the arm rest on the passenger side door needing put back on the door. We had issues with the doors not closing well, we really had to slam them. No problems with the doors sagging, just seemed to need an adjustment or possibly new strikers. The radio isn’t original and doesn’t work anyway and as previously mentioned the gas gauge doesn’t work.


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  • Mileage: 65000 miles
  • Year: 1953
  • Engine: 216 Inline 6
  • Fuel type: Gas