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Classic Auto Broker Services, or CABS for short, was started in the show me state of Missouri back in 2012.  I got in this business after contacting a couple brokers following the death of my Father who owned a few classic cars.  The process was full of headaches and high fees from these brokers, some wanting several hundred dollars just to put the car on some website and hope it sold.  I knew it could be done better by making the process inexpensive, fair, and simple by not making any commission until the clients vehicle was sold.  If you’ve used or even talked to other brokers; or ever tried to sell a classic yourself, I invite you to contact CABS and experience the difference a honest and hardworking broker can make with the sale of your classic.

Why use CABS?

We understand you have many options available when it’s time to sell your classic and take the trust you put in us to sell it for you seriously.  To help you make the choice that’s right for you let’s look at some of your other options if you don’t use our service. 

  •  Selling your own car on sites like Craigslist or “free” websites:

When you choose this option you’ll deal with people just wanting to waste your time, or worse possible scam artists.  You have people you don’t know coming to your families door. Most of these websites that let you post your ad for free get little traffic.  Your car won’t sell for top dollar or at all unless it’s seen!  Why go through all this when CABS offers options as low as $89 to sell your classic for you?  Plus your classic will be marketed worldwide and your identity as our client is kept confidential before and after the sale except with the buyer. 

  •  Doing your own eBay action:

It’s true that most people with basic Internet knowledge and a Paypal account can do an auction.  What’s important to understand though is unless you know how to present a vehicle in a professional way and have sold several cars on eBay to build positive feedback people will be hesitant to purchase something as expensive as a classic from you.   CABS has a history of selling classics on eBay, making potential buyers more at ease with spending a large sum of money.  Did you know if you successfully sell your car on eBay you’ll pay the listing fee plus an additional $125 successful auction fee if you’re not a high volume seller?  That’s more then we charge to do all the work for you!  

  •  Taking your car to a live auction:

Live auctions are fun! I go to them all the time.  In some situations it may be a good option for you.  I don’t know about all auctions but I’ll discuss Mecum for this discussion.  To get a “prime time” spot in a Mecum auction will cost you $750, and that’s just to run your car across the stage.  You still pay a fee if it sells, 7% currently for a reserve auction.  Then you have the expense of getting your car to the auction and possibly back home again.  And don’t forget about lodging, meals, etc.  Bottom line is using a live auction to try to sell your classic could cost you a couple thousand dollars easy with no guarantee of a sell.

When you consider all the options we hope you’ll choose CABS!  Let us handle all the paperwork, phone calls, emails, and negotiations regarding your deal.  In addition I can help prepare your vehicle for sale by taking all the needed pictures and videos, arrange shipping after the sale, and more.  CABS works for you with one goal in mind, getting you the owner your desired net from the sale of your classic.  Our motto at CABS is  “We won’t give you a ride, but we can sure help sell your ride” Let us help sell your ride today!